Current Research Grants

Duke Endowment

Recently Four Seasons Research & Development Team was awarded a grant by the Duke Endowment for a 2 year project to enhance palliative care services across the Carolinas. Establishing a model for other palliative care providing organizations to follow will improve and benefit patients and families for generations to come.

Duke University

Duke University has awarded Four Seasons with an ongoing grant opportunity to assess the feasibility of the Quality Data Assessment Collection Tool (QDACT) in palliative care.  Innovative practices and studies allow Four Seasons to set an example and lead the industry in Clinical Research.

CMS Innovations

Winding down this year is our CMS Innovations project to develop a sustainable Palliative Care Model that will be utilized nationally.

Telehospice Innovations

The most recent grant opportunity we have been able to secure involves Telehospice. Telehospice grant funding and research will allow Four Seasons to set an example and provide higher quality care to patients that may not otherwise be able to receive such care. The Telehospice model enables us to provide the right care at the right time and to improve care for hospice patients in rural areas.

People In Need

Another grant project Four Seasons is invested in is the People in Need grant which will allow us to increase access to hospice care for patients in rural areas that we serve.