Our Team

Janet Bull, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Janet is also the Senior Leader for Innovation at Four Seasons and part of our Clinical Research and Development Team. She shares with the Research team a true vision for innovation in Palliative Care research and improving lives now and into the future with the work we do today. Janet passionately pursues new methods and opportunities to deliver the very best care to our patients and families, and to make a difference both locally and nationally.

Lisa Massie, CCRC
Director of Clinical Research & Development

Lisa is an ACRP Certified Clinical Research Coordinator and the Director of Research & Development at Four Seasons.  Her career in Clinical Research began in February of 1993 when she accepted a position with a little stand-alone research organization in Ft. Myers, FL. Lisa found Clinical Research to be interesting, a wonderful learning experience, and a great way to help people by working to improve the medicines and treatments available. Upon coming to Four Seasons in February of 2006 Lisa immediately felt at home with the mission, vision, and values imbedded in the fabric of this organization. “I find it very rewarding to be involved in the innovative work that we do towards shaping the future with better medicines and delivery of care for Hospice & Palliative Care patients and families.” Her favorite thing to do outside work is spend time with family watching movies or just about anything that has to do with being in the water. One last little tidbit about Lisa….

Roll Tide!

Lindsay Bonsignore, Ph. D.
Senior Medical & Grant Writer

Lindsay is the Senior Medical and Grant Writer for Research and Development at Four Seasons. She is from Rochester, NY and received her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Rochester. After graduating she then went on to Cleveland, Ohio to earn her PhD in Pathology at Case Western Reserve University, followed by a three year post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Louisville. In the summer of 2015 is when she started work at Four Seasons and is involved with grant projects, pharmaceutical studies, and publication of peer-reviewed papers. “It is extremely rewarding to be a part of innovative research to improve symptom management and best practices in the field of hospice and palliative care”.  In Lindsay’s free time she enjoys participating in Crossfit and spending time with her family including husband and three rescue dogs…adopt don’t shop.

Tiffany Blackwell

Research and Development Assistant

Tiffany was born and raised in Hendersonville, NC. She attended East Carolina University and started with Four Seasons as a Crisis Care Team member in 2010. She has worn many hats during her tenure including one she is most fond and proud of, Administrative Support team member at the Elizabeth House. “I continue to fill in at the Elizabeth House as needed, as that is where my heart feels most full”.

Tiffany joined the Research and Development team in 2014. She believes it is exciting to work in an area of medicine that has so much room for growth and opportunity. Being one of a few hospice organizations in the entire country participating in Clinical Research Tiffany feels honored to be part of the team at Four Seasons and finds the work they are all able to contribute to, to be a privilege. When she started in the Research Department she admits she knew very little about the work they do and information they can provide to patients now and into the future to reduce pain and manage symptoms. But that feeling didn’t last long, she has been a sponge, absorbing knowledge from her leaders and peers and now is confident and competent in her role. Tiffany is a value add to her team members and the patients that come in and take part in Clinical Research Trials. She is often the point person that speaks with families and helps them understand the study they are participating in and value their input/time/effort will have on future patients far into the future.

Apart from the work she does in Research, Tiffany works weekends in our Response Center assisting families with admitting their loved ones into our care. It is a significant role and takes a special touch to work with families at what is often an extremely vulnerable time in their lives.

“I love what I do and working for Four Seasons because we meet people where they are in their journey and I truly believe that a dignified death is just as important as the life lived before the death”.

Tiffany is also a certified CPR Instructor in Henderson County and though not for Four Seasons, having that experience, knowledge and skill set adds value to her conversations and resources she provides for patients and families on a daily basis.

Outside of Four Seasons, you will find Tiffany measuring, cutting, ordering, sorting, sewing, counting sequins & gluing rhinestones to dance costumes as she is the Costume & Merchandise Manager at Releve Performing Arts. She also serves as a volunteer on the Executive Board of the Blue Ridge Valley Scholarship program.

Tiffany has two daughters, Noelle, 15 and Jalon, 12 and finds being their mother is one of her greatest blessings in life. She has no pets unless you count the rooster that lives next door, who insists on perching outside her bedroom window for hours each day!

If there is any time to spare in the day, you can find Tiffany behind the wheel being a “non-paid Uber driver”, carpooling her daughters and their friends between their extracurricular activities and school programs.

Tyler Bice
R&D Data Coordinator

Tyler coordinates data and analytics for the Research & Development team at Four Seasons. He was raised in Hendersonville, and earned a degree in psychology and neuroscience at UNC Chapel Hill in 2016 (Go Heels!). His work involves entering, auditing, and maneuvering data from a variety of sources to facilitate operations and draw conclusions in the research projects and service lines at Four Seasons. “I am glad to be able to contribute to the elucidation of new treatments and models of care, and I hope to one day pursue research in the psychological sciences as well”. A bit of an information junkie, Tyler enjoys observing, reading, and exploring our knowledge of the world. He plays a little bit of guitar when time allows, and loves to relax and have a cup of hot coffee with friends and family, or a friendly dog (no coffee for the latter, of course).