Care Navigation

    Expertise Matters.

    At Four Seasons, we understand the healthcare system, we understand how to navigate a serious illness, how to find service providers, how to complete an advance care plan and we have resources to assist our community. Because of that knowledge, we provide support to people with serious illness and their families through our Care Navigation service

    Four Seasons’ Care Navigation service provides trusted guidance during the difficult times following the diagnosis of a serious illness. We fill the gap by helping people navigate care options and choices. We partner with patients and families to understand what’s next to prepare for the physical, emotional and spiritual changes in the days, weeks, and months to come.


    The Four Seasons Care Navigation team will:

    • Educate you and your family on available care
    • Provide peace of mind and a level of confidence to you and your family by building a support system specific to your care needs
    • Collaborate with you, your family and providers to arrange and attend visits and manage care
    • Partner with your primary physicians to support you
    • Serve as an advocate to help you understand life choices

    Benefits of Four Seasons Care Navigation

    • Fulfills a gap in navigating through options and choices, managing multiple illnesses and understanding the various care models needed during a time that often feels overwhelming and chaotic
    • Provides support for those who may or may not have clinical care needs at present, yet need to understand when the appropriate time for care has arrived
    • Our Care Navigation service furthers our mission by providing trusted guidance for you and your family during critical times

    Where is Care Navigation Provided?

    Care Navigation can occur in multiple care settings including, but not limited to:

    • In-person Meetings
    • Telephone
    • Tele-Health Video Conferencing
    • Provider Visits

    For More Information

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    Maureen Williams, Four Seasons Director of Care Navigation,

    is a Member of ALCA.