Music Therapy

    Meaningfulness Matters.

    Music is a powerful medium. We are flooded with emotion and memory when we hear meaningful songs or tunes. We depend on music to keep us focused at times and relaxed at other times. We soak up the comfort that familiar music brings to us whether we are spending time with those we love or are all alone.

    iStock-518803187Music therapy, as a profession, intertwines this inherent power of music with counseling skills to provide holistic care. Music therapy interventions are evidence-based and tailored to the specific needs of each individual patient, family member, and/or bereavement client.

    Four Seasons’ Music Therapists are Board-Certified clinicians who use music to meet the social, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual needs of our patients, family members and bereavement clients.

    If you look around Four Seasons, you might see a Music Therapist:

    • With a patient or family member working to decrease blood pressure, pulse and/or heart rate during stressful moments.
    • Helping patients with Parkinson’s Disease to communicate through singing, even when they can no longer communicate with words.
    • Working with our Doctors and Nurses to alleviate pain and anxiety during wound care and other medical procedures.
    • Helping patients with dementia process their thoughts and emotions to decrease social isolation.
    • Using music to help patients relax and rest, which can decrease the need for medication interventions.
    • Using song writing to help people express their thoughts and emotions to their loved ones and family members.
    • Using imagery techniques to help people connect with and process difficult and/or powerful emotions.
    • Using music to spark conversations about treasured memories.
    • Using music to connect patients with their most sacred spiritual beliefs and faith.
    • Providing Grief/Loss support to both patients and family members as they navigate the rough road of grief.
    • Providing counseling and/or support for patients and families throughout their hospice experience.