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    Losing a loved one to death is a common but difficult experience in a child’s life. The Compass program offers help to grieving children and teens who are surviving a recent loss.
    Compass provides education about children’s grief processes and offers support for grieving children in individual and group settings. Through the program, children learn about their grief and develop strategies that help them work through the process. Parents and other caring adults can develop confidence in supporting children during this difficult time in their lives.
    Special Programs and Events
    In addition to individual and group counseling, Compass offers several unique grief programs throughout the year. All program fees associated with Compass are provided through generous community support.
    Contact Jay Wilson at 828.233.0334 to register or for more information.

    Individual Support

    We provide individualized child and adolescent grief support in a variety of settings including our campus,  in home and school. We work closely with local school systems, community outreach centers, and therapists to provide grief specific care to anyone in need. 


    Group Support

    We offer a variety of grief groups for children/adolescents and their families in all regions. All grieving children and adolescents are welcome to attend any Compass event regardless of their connection to hospice or ability to pay. Compass is funded through community donations. 


    Community Support

    While individual and group support can be highly beneficial for children and adolescents working through grief, we know that community support from their peers is at times even more supportive. It’s one thing to hear that your feelings are valid from a professional counselor, but to hear it from a peer can be priceless. We design our programming to include community events that give children and adolescents time to be next to their peers while working through obstacles and navigating difficult emotions.