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    Four Seasons Grief Services exists to provide an environment that permits grief to exist so that it can complete its work.  We believe that grieving is experiential, not just cognitive.  In other words, we encourage an active grieving process, rather than one that is talked about.  Our clinicians are trained in various evidence-based modalities that effectively assist those who experience not only normal but also complicated grief.  With these skills we seek to provide individualized care to address the unique aspects of each client’s grief.

    We provide services not only to those who have had loved ones in our hospice care but also to anyone who has experienced a loss related to the death of a person.

    Click here to learn more about the services we offer.

    Click here to learn more about COMPASS, our child and adolescent program.

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    For more information about all of our grief services, email Dan Yearick, MS, LCMHC-S, Grief Services Team Leader.


    Because of generous donations, Four Seasons’ Grief Services are offered at no cost to our community.

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