Advance Care Planning

    Preparation Matters.

    Planning for the future should be done now, before a crisis or serious illness diagnosis occurs. Every day, people of all ages and their families suffer needlessly because discussions haven’t taken place, wishes go unknown and documents haven’t been created indicating choices family members are often left unprepared to make.

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    North Carolina Advance Directive

    An advance directive is a set of directions you give about the medical and mental health care you want if you ever lose the ability to make decisions for yourself. North Carolina has four ways for you to make a formal advance directive. These include: living wills, MOST form, health care powers of attorney and advance instructions for mental health treatment.

    Questions to Ask

    1. What would happen if you were in a tragic accident and could not make decisions for yourself?
    2. Do you know exactly what your spouse would want if he or she were injured or sick? What about your children?
    3. Have you discussed with your family and doctor specifically how you want to be treated if you are seriously injured or diagnosed with a terminal/life limiting illness?
    4. Do you have a health care power of attorney who is prepared to make decisions regarding your medical treatment?
    5. Do you have a living will?

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