Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care is hard to define for many of us. While some associate spiritual care with religion, others might associate spiritual care with nature. Indeed, this is a highly sensitive and intimate realm. Here, at Four Seasons, our spiritual care is patient focused, and patient driven. Each patient and family will have their own unique spiritual needs.

Our Chaplains are highly educated and trained professionals who are here to meet patients and families exactly where they are as they navigate their end of life journey.

In the face of:

  • Struggling to find meaning in life
  • Trying to make sense of suffering
  • Uncertainly about death
  • Wondering about an afterlife
  • Pain and loneliness from feeling disconnected
  • Unresolved issues with relationships
  • A need for forgiveness or reconciliation
  • Being at peace, grateful… and wanting to share it

Our chaplains are here to help.


 Are you:

  • Religious, but unconnected with a faith community?
  • Spiritual, but not religious?
  • Agnostic or atheist?
  • Active in a faith community but want some additional support in your faith?

A note from Daniel, one of our Four Seasons chaplains: We as chaplains, are here to listen. We are fully present. We do not have an agenda. We are led by compassion. We are not interested in talking about our own spirituality. We are interested in learning and talking about your beliefs.

We work with patients and families. Sometimes just one visit allows us to connect and meet the needs of the patient and/or family member. Other times, we provide ongoing care.

We are available to process and plan rituals, both before and after death. From family gatherings focused on forgiveness to funerals, we are here to walk with patients and family members, just as they are in the moments when they need support from a listening ear, a witness, or a safe and compassionate presence.

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