My mother-in-law, Laurene H Williamson, was admitted to Palliative Care on April 3. She then was a resident at a local nursing home.
Within a few days it was obvious to the visiting Hospice nurse that Laurene needed a level of care that could not be provided in her current residence. Therefore, on Saturday, April 7 the nurse very quickly arranged for her transfer to Elizabeth House. That transfer was done so efficiently and carefully due to the insight of the Hospice nurse.
Immediately upon arrival at EH Laurene was visited by the remarkable staff, her condition evaluated, and a new drug protocol was established that made her comfortable and peaceful. Soon thereafter, we were visited by Doctor Hart who patiently explained to us what they would try to accomplish in providing care to Laurene. She was thorough and thoughtful in her explanation to us about the process of dying that Laurene would experience. During the next two days Doctor Hicks visited and kept the family well aware of Laurene’s condition. The positive attitude of the medical team gave us much confidence that Laurene would be tenderly and lovingly taken care of. What we all appreciated was the honesty, sensitivity, and tenderness the medical staff showed to Laurene and to us her family members.
Prior to the transfer, Laurene told me that she was not afraid of death but did not want to suffer while dying. I shared that with the EH staff and they showed their understanding and did provide Laurene the peace and calmness she desired. Each nurse and CNA that visited the room showed very clearly their devotion and love of their ministry to Laurene and us. We can never thank them enough for their care.
My wife and I spent each night in Laurene”s room and we experienced first hand the continuous care the staff provides to patients during the night. Each nurse or CNA visit allowed us to keep informed about her condition, and no question of ours was not answered. Special mention must go to Nurse Nancy who was with Laurene for the last three nights of Laurene’s life.
Laurene died at 6:13 AM on Tuesday, April 10, with my wife sitting with her holding her mother’s hand as she passed into eternal life. The nursing and CNA staff was respectful and supportive while other nearby family members came to say goodbye to their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.
What can I say about this experience? I am a Hospice volunteer doing home care and always had a high opinion of Four Seasons staff, but this time I was on the receiving end of that care.
My wife and I have decided that when our time comes to go peaceably into the night, we want that to happen at Elizabeth House.
God bless everyone that touched Laurene during her last days.

-Tim and Sandra Almy