Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know someone who may need a referral to Four Seasons? The first step is a phone call to (828) 233-0387. On the other end of the line you’ll find the exact right answers and resources you need.

How do you know it’s the right time to call? As a friend, family member or other caregiver, you may call because help is needed for someone you love. Once you make that call, Four Seasons will initiate the necessary conversations with other family members, the prospective patient, and the physicians in order to get services started. Five Common Ways to Know When it’s Time to Ask for Care Assistance

Through its hospice and palliative care services, Four Seasons provides high quality care to the patient – and support to his or her family – in the face of serious illness and through the last phases of a person’s life. To meet the individual needs of each patient and family, we utilize a patient “team” approach and partner with other health care entities to meet each need as it arises.

Call us, and we can help you find the help you need. (828) 692-6178