Living with Cancer

    Cancer treatments have progressed to the point where a cancer diagnosis is not the automatic death sentence it used to be. And even those who have an incurable cancer still have days and weeks, even months, to partake of life’s pleasures: laughing, visiting with friends, sharing a tender moment.

    Living with cancer is not a matter of days filled with pain and waiting to die. It is about living fully while you are here, whether that is a short time or a long time.

    Treatments and cure rates vary depending on the type of cancer and the health of your loved one. That said, there are phases in the course of a cancerous disease. With each phase come different pressures, concerns, and common reactions. These articles can help you understand what is happening in your family. You are not alone.

    Consider Palliative Care

    There is no doubt that cancer treatments are challenging. Our palliative care team can help you weigh the different options. They can provide you with comfort measures for difficult side effects of treatments. They can provide an extra layer of support for your family while navigating through this journey. Give us a call at 828-692-6178, or toll-free at 866-466-9734.