Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC, Palliative Care Pilot Program

    The pilot goal: To improve your overall physical and emotional health.

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC is partnering with Four Seasons to support  an innovative pilot project for the delivery of high quality palliative care services to patients. Four Seasons is 1 of 4 Palliative Programs across NC that has been selected to be part of a BlueCross BlueShield Pilot. Through this pilot Four Seasons will be providing care for your patients through an expert palliative specialist team challenged to deliver services to the right patient in the right place at the right time.
    Four Seasons is physician led and includes nurse practitioners, nurses, and can include a social worker and spiritual support to meet the needs of both the patient and caregiver/family member. The team will deliver community-based palliative care to patients who meet eligibility criteria that include a diagnosis of a serious illness or multiple chronic conditions:

    • Cancer
    • Advanced COPD
    • Heart disease
    • Neurological disorders
    • Dementia
    • Kidney disease
    • Liver disease
    • Recurring Pneumonia
    • Other disease prognoses causing functional limitations

    Living with a serious illness can be stressful. Let Four Seasons provide you an extra layer of support during your most difficult times.

    Your Four Seasons Team:

    • Listens to what matters to you

    • Coordinates with your existing doctor to create a customized plan of care

    • Gives guidance and help with complex decisions

    • Provides 24/7 (telephone and electronic) access to help to manage your symptoms and reduce stress 

    • Promotes consistent, individualized care

    • Reduces unnecessary medical costs and unnecessary hospitalizations/doctor visits

    Improving Access to Care:

    The enrolled member in the Pilot will not be charged a co-pay or cost share for services provided by the expert palliative specialist team.

    For information about referring a patient, please call (866) 466.9734 and ask for the BCBS Program Coordinator, Missy Wermuth.

    A Word from the Team:

    ” Working with Four Seasons on the palliative care pilot has been extremely fulfilling. The palliative care team cares deeply about their patients and ensures that their needs are met. Knowing that we are making an impact on the lives of our members and their families is why we come to work every day. The nurses and physicians shared many examples of how the engagement model with these patients helps avoid ED visits, hospital admissions and specialty visits because the team is able to address the patients’ needs on an ongoing basis. We were struck with how personal and local the delivery of palliative care needs to be across different geographies within NC, of course we were in rural Western NC. We were impressed that the entire palliative care team from schedulers, RN’s, MD’s to the CEO knew these patients and their families so they feel cared for in a way like we want to treat our own families! And finally, their dedication and passion for this care is strongly supported by their communities who have provided financial support to allow both organizations to expand into the rural, underserved areas of the state.BCBS Pilot Program Representative


    “I am excited to participate in an innovative partnership between Four Seasons and BCBS of NC to provide extra support and benefits to the sickest most vulnerable patients living in Western North Carolina. This benefit to BCBS patients allows them access Four Seasons high quality palliative care support with advanced symptom management expertise, guidance for complex decisions and psychosocial support to live the best quality of life while still undergoing stressful aggressive treatments for their illness. I am proud to tell patients and families that this support is made available to BCBS patients as a benefit with no cost to the patient and no co-pay.  It is a real privilege to see people thrive and get the support they need to live the best quality of life possible as they fight serious illness.”John Morris MD FAAHPM Four Seasons Chief Medical Officer Palliative Care