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April 6, 2020

new day

It’s a bright and beautiful Monday and we’ve got 5 wonderful opportunities ahead of us to create successful outcomes, to become innovators of service delivery, and to outshine all others as we give all we have to the well-being of others.

I know….I rolled my eyes too…I’m pretty sure the most innovative thing I will accomplish today is getting dressed.  I’m feeling a dull hangover from a full weekend of TV, social media, and marathon naps.  Being creative isn’t top of my list today.  Even as I type this email, knowing that 3 hours of Zoom meetings and at least 6 new admissions are going to fight for my attention this morning, I am not feeling confident in my caregiving today. Maybe all those naps this weekend spoiled my sleep last night and I’m just cranky.  Maybe I’m just in my head and the voices there aren’t being as kind as they should be.  Maybe I’m experiencing the same national and collective trauma we’re all experiencing.  Maybe we weren’t created for this kind of living and our spiritual and emotional well-being are being taxed at higher and higher rates than we are prepared for! 


This weekend as I Facebook stalked most of you I came across a couple of posts from one of our coworkers.  They had outlined a space on the exterior wall of their home for their children to “paint”, I think with chalk, a large patterned outline that resembled a mosaic of sorts.  I was reminded of how my own mother would make homemade coloring sheets for my sister and I with random patterns and tell us to try to not use the same color crayon in a space that touches the same color.  I realize now that were just poor and couldn’t afford coloring books and these sheets kept us busy and quiet for at least 30 minutes. But we were creating something, making patterns of colors out of randomly drawn lines.  We were quiet and reflective and, for my mother for a few minutes, busy doing something else than fighting or harassing each other. 


So..It’s ok…It’s ok if you don’t feel excited to start a new week.  It’s ok if you don’t see all those opportunities ahead just yet and the idea of co-creating the care experience makes you roll your eyes.  It’s ok if you feel cranky or have an emotional hangover from all the collective trauma we are experiencing at the moment.  Before you give up though, have you created anything recently?  Creating something uses a different part of your brain than producing (think art versus work).  We are great producers, you and I.  We see our patients, do our charting, keep our workflow going.  But what are we creating?  Find something that switches your gears from producing to creating.  Draw, paint, take a picture of something beautiful, try out that new recipe that scares or challenges you.  Find something to connect your spirit to your hands, to your body. 


Yesterday I made bread.  I made a loaf of Irish Soda Bread and it turned out beautifully.  Tonight, I’m going to make a new recipe for dinner I’ve never made before.  What are you going to create? Draw me a picture and I’ll joyfully put it on my fridge.  We can even dare to co-create something…possibly even create a care experience that goes above and beyond expectation. 


Remember, there is no road, the way is made by walking…Let us walk together then to create this new way, this new road…let us together create a new wave upon the sea…


Love and Light…



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