Posted by Daniel Tipton on May 29, 2020 2:23:45 PM

April 3, 2020


TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok….maybe I’m a little premature in my celebration of this week ending as we still have to work through an ever growing IDG list today.  I’m thankful that our Growth team is keeping us busy!  I really am. Our organization has a unique position to become the provider of choice during these not so normal days and I am confident we will rise to the occasion.  But however successful we are and however much we are gleefully growing, I’m still tired y’all! 


Maybe it’s the way in which I’m working these days.  I’m confident my vitamin D levels are dipping.  I’ve made a make shift work station out of my dinning room table and the only light in this part of my apartment comes from the ceiling fan above my head.  In fact, I’m opening up the blinds in the living room right now.  Maybe those merry little squirrels will keep me company as they race up and down the oak tree just outside my window. 


Still, I’m tired.  Having very little change in scenery and routine drains me of energy.  As an introvert I recharge through alone time.  That doesn’t preclude me from needing human contact and interactions.  And all you poor extroverts out there are surely feeling drained by your present confinement.  We need human interaction, human touch, puppy touch, and kitty touch to really survive.  Giving someone a hug, although not recommended during an outbreak like this, is life and energy giving.  I think we are able to recharge each other when our hearts are so close together.  Unfortunately, hugging and most interactions are forbidden!!!! Don’t do it!  So, we will remain tired. 


Its ok…it’s ok if all your strength and energy is being rerouted for survival.  It’s ok if you are tired and cranky and feel like a 5 year old who hasn’t napped in two days coming off a sugar high.  Have you considered you’re not meant to live in isolation?  Have you encountered another human being in a way that isn’t work related or survival related i.e. seeing a patient or family member or going to the grocery store?  After IDG today, sit down with your phone or computer.  Log in to Facebook.  Find 5 friends whom you haven’t connected with in a while.  Say something nice to them.  Find someone who might need reminding that they are loved and they aren’t alone in this world.  Maybe, just maybe, you might find that you too are not alone.  And maybe that reminder will give you a boost of energy and the feeling of being a little less tired through all of this. 


In the immortal words of the most famous “Mommager” Kris Jenner:  “You’re doing amazing, sweetie!!!”


Love and Light!!!


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