Shine On . . .

Posted by Daniel Tipton on May 29, 2020 11:49:34 AM

April 1, 2020

shine onOk…so today is Wednesday, April 1, 2020…As we enter into the third millennia of this year I’m glad to see spring isn’t delayed.  The flowers are popping up from the cold ground.  Rain showers are gently cleansing the world around us.  Pollen is EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!! And I am thankful. Even though I’m getting a lot of wary, dirty looks every time I sneeze in Ingles, I know it’s a sure sign that life is returning and the Earth is clothing itself with beauty. Every spring I look forward to seeing the purple buds on the trees that line I-40.  In Tennessee, it’s a gentle procession of vibrant colors reminding me that life does indeed (in my best Jeff Goldblum voice) “uh, uh, find a way.”

Apart from the pollen and the constant post nasal drip, Spring always makes me smile.  I love color.  I love how ostentatious the world around me gets; how audacious is the hope of Spring.  Oh you’re tired of the cold and dreary winter? Ok, look at these purples, these pinks, check out how yellow this yellow is!!!! Even the green buds of the trees splashed against the blue sky begins to hurt the eyes when looked at too closely for too long.  The colors are magnificent and bright and stand in stark contrast to the dull and dreary winter world from which Spring now bursts into view. 


So it’s ok.  It’s ok if all you saw yesterday was the dreary rain.  It’s ok if all you felt yesterday was the dreary and the drab. Today, as the light lingers a little longer, I hope you take a moment to look for the colors of Spring.  Have you showered today? Take a nice warm shower, then get dressed.  Get dressed in your brightest colors.  Wear your favorite spring time outfit.  It doesn’t matter if anyone else will see it.  When you brave going out to the grocery store buy a small bouquet of spring flowers and put them in a happy little vase by your desk or work station.  Turn on the lights.  Open the blinds. Even if it’s overcast outside, the light will find its way in and will warm your heart. 


Shine brightly you crazy diamonds!  Love and light to each of you! 


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