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About Us

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More People

As western North Carolina continues to be a top national retirement destination, there is an ever-increasing number of people in need of end-of-life care.

Quality Standards

Individuals take an active part in their own health care decisions and at end-of-life prefer the Four Seasons model of care, in which they CO-CREATE the last chapter of their life based on their own priorities and goals.

Less Resources

Although Medicare reimbursement rates are decreasing, the field of medicine has become more complex and the cost of care is being driven up by many factors, including a shortage of health care providers.

More Needs

Socioeconomic factors in western North Carolina combine with poor health result in a high number of patients who cannot pay for the care they need.

Community-based Nonprofit

As a nonprofit, the revenue from patients who are covered by insurance is reinvested in the quality and accessibility of care for the community.

Instead of belonging to a corporate owner, our profits are used to ensure that our community has the best care possible and that care is available to all.

Community-based Care

As a community-based health care provider, we are governed by members of the community. That means that local people, many of whom are business owners and most of whom have had a loved one served by Four Seasons, are leading our vision, mission, and values.





Dignity, Comfort, and Support

As one of the few remaining community based, nonprofit hospice providers in western North Carolina, Four Seasons continues to provide dignity, comfort, and support to those facing a life-threatening illness or mourning the loss of a loved one, regardless of their ability to pay. Started in 1979 under the passionate leadership of Jean Hoogstra (left), Four Seasons has grown to have a presence in several counties across western North Carolina.

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