Our Leadership Team

Millicent Burke Sinclair, Ed.D, MBA, SPHR®, SHRM-SCP

Four Seasons – Chief Executive Officer

Passion, Excellence, and Integrity are three key pillars which guide Millicent. With a passion for supporting individuals on discovering and living their cause and purpose – Millicent’s purpose is to engage all individuals so excellence through high performance becomes the norm. She demonstrates her purpose daily through a commitment to innovation and wellness as she inspires and sets a standard for lifelong learning and advancing professional competence and practice within healthcare. Millicent holds a doctorate degree emphasizing on adult learning/education and a Masters degree in Business Administration. She has an advanced certification in Business and Marketing Education and is certified from both HRCI and SHRM with the designations of SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) and SHRM-SCP (Senior Certified Professional). She is also a learner completing her second year in the Thayer Institute’s Executive Healthcare Masters’ Certification Program. As a published author on Adult learning and organizational improvement she leverages data and resources ensuring that the entire workforce is committed to high performance as well as long-term strategic growth, innovation, and stewardship so excellence in care occurs at ALL times.

Throughout Millicent’s time at Four Seasons she has been an integral piece of creating, improving, and innovating departments, processes, and the culture of the organization. With increases in engagement, decreases in turnover, reduction of healthcare and organizational expenses, strengthened inter-professional collaborations, innovative marketing strategy deployment, enhanced growth team collaboration within the community, and improved focus on what is most important to quality patient care Millicent embraces the bricolage journey. She completely rebuilt the Human Resources Department, created an organization-wide wellness program: Vibrant4Life, challenged the Volunteer department for increased growth, re-engaged the Facilities and First impressions teams, substantially led the home care agency acquisition and operations, conducted and executed a needs assessment for Palliative Care post grant funding, worked with the senior leadership team in developing the leadership institute further, and has developed with the growth team a truly powerful marketing strategy that ensures responsiveness, reliability, and respect for all patients and families.

Prior to joining Four Seasons in 2014, from 2003-2007 she was the VP of Strategy and HR at a manufacturing company and drastically improved the organizational culture, market share, and quality product development and delivery. Starting in 2008 she ventured into the realm of education as a university professor and a local educator bringing awareness to the importance of constantly learning, growing, and challenging the norm. She developed complete programs and reinvented processes providing more opportunities for students to be prepared for their career within the community both locally and globally.

Millicent’s heart was home when she was blessed to join Four Seasons’ as she has known since she was a little girl that Healthcare was her calling and where her purpose could really come alive. But even more importantly Four Seasons served her family, makes healthcare possible for all regardless of the ability to pay, and is constantly listening to the community and improving therefore positively impacting lives, and that is what Millicent enjoys so greatly. Millicent’s dedication to hospice and palliative care has afforded her the opportunity to study alongside some of the brightest healthcare professionals within the Thayer Institute’s Masters certification program for Healthcare Executives and in Multi-View Incorporated’s CFO program where she obtained her certification last year. Prior to accepting the role of Chief Executive Officer, Millicent served as Chief Operating Officer for the organization. Previously she also held the titles of Chief Operating Officer for Palliative Care, Home Care, and the Vice President of Employee and Volunteer Solutions for the nationally respected, award-winning hospice and palliative care non-profit organization, Four Seasons Compassion for Life. Together she partners with all of Four Seasons to ensure that all who are served receive the best co-created care possible.

As an avid learner and nationally known educator and consultant in areas of business strategy, non profit management, human resources, operations leadership, and healthcare, Millicent sets the bar high and makes what is necessary possible for all she meets. Because of Millicent’s life purpose she is a living example of her purpose as she learns daily, grows continuously, and lives a life of joy. This is the culture she creates for all around her.

Millicent was born and raised in Henderson County, Four Seasons even served her family with the passing of her grandfather at Elizabeth House in 1999. Even as a child, born one month premature, she was determined, driven, and had a heart to serve homeless, those imprisoned, in need, and those seeking a more well life by constantly improving and removing barriers. She is married, lives in Flat Rock, NC and is honored to be the mother of two children. Millicent and her family are dedicated to total health and wellness including living an organic lifestyle. She enjoys the outdoors, learning, researching, building the community, and art and music. She is a member of New Beginnings World Outreach Church and a Paul Harris’ Fellow of Hendersonville’s Rotary Club.


Chris Comeaux, MLAS

President, CEO of Teleios Collaborative Network

Chris Comeaux (KO-mo) is an award-winning expert and lifelong student on leadership and the performance required to truly be a leader. He has spent his life and career researching, learning, coaching, and implementing the pushes and pulls necessary to create high performance leaders and high performance organizations.

Chris’s stated life purposes are twofold: 1) Through his work he helps shape and impact thousands of leaders in various industries and impacts them to live to their full potential.  2) Through his work he helps transform the way the future of healthcare is provided in the United States and later the world. Chris truly strives to live his life purpose every day in his various roles he plays.

Chris also has become nationally known as leader in our country’s hospice and palliative care industry, where he has spent a large portion of his career as President/CEO of Four Seasons in western North Carolina, a 2009 American Hospital Association Circle of Life Award Winner. Under his leadership, Four Seasons experienced phenomenal growth beginning in 2002: in four years, its census increased from 30 patients per day to over 1,000 per day. In 2005, the Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life Care honored him with the Peter Keese Leadership Award.

In 2006, Chris left Four Seasons for two years to build an alliance between the prestigious national healthcare consulting firm, the Studer Group, and Covenant Hospice in Pensacola. The vision was to transform, develop, and grow leaders throughout the hospice and palliative care world. Chris grew this venture from its infancy to an established coaching firm partnering with post-acute healthcare organizations from New York to California. He returned to Four Seasons in 2008 to apply what he learned in the trenches on leadership to an organization he knew and loved, and in many respects Four Seasons became, and still is, a learning laboratory for high performance- which is a journey and not a destination.

In 2016, Chris helped co-found Four Seasons Consulting Group (FSCG), a coaching and consulting company enabling health systems, palliative care programs, post-acute providers, and hospice programs to learn best practices and the systems necessary to produce those practices in their own organizations. And now, in 2017, Chris helped co-found The Teleios Carolinas Group.

Chris’s hospice career began in 1997 at Covenant Hospice in Pensacola, Florida. Earlier in his career, he worked with KPMG Peat Marwick, a “Big Four” CPA consulting firm, and with Cooper Industries, a Fortune 100 Company, in its Executive Development Program.

Chris has a Masters in Leadership from the Thayer Institute for Performance Virtuosity, where he still works as an adjunct Professor teaching Leadership.

Chris is married to Deshia and they are the proud parents of 5 children (3 boys and 2 girls) ranging in age from 17 to 7 years. Chris enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, reading, learning, and working on their 7 acre farm in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Janet Bull, MD, MBA, FAAHPM

Four Seasons Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer

Janet Bull, MD, MBA, FAAHPM is the Chief Medical Officer at Four Seasons Compassion and holds a consultant assistant professorship at Duke University Medical Center. She is a Fellow of the AAHPM, board certified in hospice and palliative medicine and holds a hospice medical director certification.

Currently Bull serves on the steering committee for the Palliative Care Research Co-Operative Group and chairs the Membership Committee Janet has authored or coauthored several papers on palliative care and quality data reporting.

She helped develop the QDACT (Quality Data Assessment Collection Tool) which is now being used across multiple national sites to benchmark data and collaborate on quality reporting through the Global Palliative Care Quality Alliance.

Bull directs the research department at Four Seasons and has served as the Principle Investigator on over 45 clinical trials in hospice and palliative medicine. She is Program Director of the Palliative Care Immersion Course and a principal of Four Seasons Consulting Group, which offers consulting services in hospice, palliative care, and research. She also serves as a Senior Medical Advisor to Aspire Health.

Bull was the recipient of the Sharon O. Dixon Award in 2007, the Cuniff-Dixon Hastings Award in 2012, and the Josephino Magno Distinguished Physician Award in 2013. In 2014, she was recognized as one of the Top 30 Visionaries in the Field award by the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM) and is the Principal Investigator on a 2014 Center of Medicare Innovations Grant demonstrating the value of palliative care.  She is the current President of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

John Morris, MD,  FAAHPM

Four Seasons and Teleios Collaborative Network – Chief Medical Officer Palliative Care

John Morris is passionate about helping people and organizations develop excellent palliative care programs. His role is to teach, mentor and develop great palliative care clinicians and leaders as well as develop palliative care organizations that succeed. John’s expertise in building strong foundations for new programs, creating dynamic teams and his thoughtful mentoring have been key for success.

As a pulmonologist and critical care doctor, John witnessed just how stressful serious illness can be for patients and families. He started working for Four Seasons part time in 2003 to help start palliative care programs in the hospitals. He left pulmonary practice to work full time for Four Seasons as Medical Director of Palliative Care in 2005.

John has worked with 5 hospital systems to develop palliative care in the hospitals and in the community. Four Seasons now serves palliative care patients in 11 counties in WNC. Four Seasons has 2 palliative care clinics and a strong home and NH palliative care program.

John has worked with several organizations to develop and improve palliative care services including Four Seasons, Pardee Hospital, Park Ridge Hospital, Transylvania Regional Hospital, Mission Health System, Greenville Health System, and Palliative Care of SC.

Chief Medical Officer for Palliative Care

John is co-director of the Palliative Care Immersion Course. This experiential learning experience for clinicians uses innovative techniques and role play to teach clinical palliative care skills to a national audience several times yearly. John also teaches palliative care program development in Four Seasons Center of Excellence. Over 30 organizations have attended these programs since inception in 2010.  John received the Sharon O. Dixon Award for Clinical Excellence presented by Carolina Center for Hospice and Palliative Care in 2011.

In 2016 John helped co-found Four Seasons Consulting Group (FSCG), a coaching and consulting company enabling health systems, palliative care programs, post-acute providers, and hospice programs to learn best practices and the systems necessary to produce those best practices in their own organizations.

John is a founding member of Teleios Carolina’s Group as Chief Medical Officer for Palliative Care.

John has a Masters in Leadership from the Thayer Institute.

John is married to Peggy Noel MD founder of MemoryCare, a non profit established to help people caring for a loved one with dementia. They moved to Asheville in 1989 and have raised 3 children here. John enjoys running, hiking the NC mountains, fly fishing, gardening and bee-keeping.    This activity allows him to enjoy dining out with Peggy in all the great Asheville restaurants.

Ashley Albers, DO – VP of Medical Services 

A Hendersonville native, Ashley Albers, DO attended medical school at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, MO.  She completed an internal medicine residency with UMDNJ-SOM in Stratford, NJ before moving back to North Carolina where she completed the Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellowship here in Asheville.  She joined Four Seasons in July 2013, first as a hospital-based Palliative Care provider, and is currently serving as the VP of Medical Services while caring for hospice patients.

Michelle Webb, RN

Four Seasons and Teleios Collaborative Network – Chief Learning Officer

Michelle Webb is a registered nurse with over 35 years in nursing practice. Michelle has a diverse healthcare background having practiced and held leadership positions in behavioral health, home health, and nursing education.

Webb has over 13 years experience in the hospice setting. She is a graduate of Indiana University (BSN) and the George Washington University(MSN), and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice at the University of Minnesota with a concentration in Health Innovation and Leadership.

Webb has held a variety of progressive leadership positions at Four Seasons since joining the Four Seasons team in 2004.

Christopher Morrissette

Four Seasons and Teleios Collaborative Network – Chief Operating Officer for Palliative Care

Christopher has extensive operational experience within hospice, homecare and senior living. He most recently worked as an Executive Director for Brookdale Senior Living. Christopher’s hospice career began at St. Croix Hospice in Oakdale, MN where he served as a part of the executive team that expanded the continuum of care from a single location into a 3-state area in the upper Mid-West.

Christopher built strategic partnerships within the regional market and lead the growth in census from 30 to 350 patients within two years; laying the foundation for St. Croix Hospice’s current average daily census of over 900 patients.

In 2010-2012 Christopher served as a volunteer board member and President of the St. Paul Senior Workers Association a non-profit, networking organization with over 300 members. Christopher co-chaired the 2011 Minneapolis/St. Paul Senior Workers annual conference with over 500 attendees, hosting Teepa Snow as the keynote speaker.

Loretta Shelton, CFRE

Four Seasons Foundation Executive Director

“People make their community a better place by investing in the compassionate care provided by Four Seasons to those who are vulnerable.”

Loretta is a twenty-year veteran in nonprofit management. She joined the Four Seasons team in 2015 as the Foundation’s first Executive Director.

Loretta earned her BA in Organizational Communications from Mars Hill College (now Mars Hill University) and her MA from Liberty University. She earned a Nonprofit Management Certification from Duke University and a master’s level Certification in Project Management from Western Carolina University. She is a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), a recognition of her personal and professional achievement and commitment. Before taking the position at Four Seasons, Loretta served at Mars Hill College and North Carolina State University Agricultural and Life Sciences Foundation.

Loretta is an active volunteer and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education Foundation (ACPE) and the North Carolina Hospice and Home Care Foundation.

Most importantly, Loretta is passionate about helping those suffering from chronic and serious illnesses. She is a cancer survivor, and prior to coming to Four Seasons, she walked alongside patients and families as a hospice volunteer. These experiences deepened her understanding of the impact that the generosity of others can make on another human’s life, making her a stronger, more effective leader, community builder, and storyteller.

Loretta is fulfilling her life’s purpose of strengthening community as leader of the Foundation. She believes that love expressed through sharing of one’s time, talents, and financial resources provides unparalleled satisfaction and joy.

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