We are Four Seasons, The Care You Trust.iStock-1137571976

    Trusted Comfort

    • 94% of patients reported their pain improved within 48 hours of admission.
    • We are committed to responding to your needs in the most timely manner.
    • We have dedicated on-call care team members who are available to you in person or by phone 24/7.

    Trusted Care

    • More families are likely to recommend Four Seasons over any other provider in the area, as evidenced by Hospice Compare data found on Medicare.gov.
    • We provide care in person and/or via Tele-Health.
    • We commit to the community to provide ongoing professional grief services, both virtually and/or in-person, to those of any age who experience the loss of a loved one. 

    Trusted Reliability & Collaboration

    • We commit to respond to all referral activity within 3 hours.
    • We have processes in place to ensure we communicate with you in the manner you prefer.

    We are committed to the highest level of safety precautions and out of respect, we will adjust our practices to meet your needs and expectations.

    Here is What Sets Us Apart

    clinical staff at four seasonsWe are committed to providing care at the right time and at the right place.

    We are experts in identifying the appropriate care pathway in collaboration with a patient’s other healthcare providers.

    We are committed to advanced collaborative care models.

    Our team of multidisciplinary professionals provide each person a specialized experience in symptom management and holistic care. We employ a wide variety of interventions beyond medication that include aromatherapy, meditation, healing touch, spiritually based rituals, imagery and music therapy.

    We are leaders in innovation.

    Our Research & Development team leads the nation in healthcare advancements and improvements that benefit the people in our local communities and across the nation.

    We elevate the standard of care in the communities we serve and beyond.

    Leveraging telehealth technology, we train and mentor palliative and hospice care teams in rural WNC communities so that people have access to high quality hospice and palliative care.

    Our community roots guide our philanthropic efforts.

    Our Angel Fund is available to help those with resource and/or payment challenges.

    We are grateful to fulfill our mission.

    It is an honor for us to serve our community and to fulfill our mission to Co-Create the Care Experience.


    Our Commitment to Health Equity and Inclusion

    At Four Seasons, we recognize and honor the inherent value and dignity of all individuals. We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects and nurtures diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences within our workplace and community.

    We are committed to providing care to all patients and families in the communities that we serve. We are dedicated to upholding our values of Compassion, Balance, Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, and Resilience in the care that we provide to all of those in need.  

    Those of all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to apply with us or seek our care and services. Four Seasons does not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or ability to pay.